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The Rosedale Highs’ “Go” – from idea to realization

Greetings! There is a lot of work involved in bringing together a fully realized recording from a seed of an idea. It all begins with a spark of inspiration in the form of a trio of notes, or possibly only a word or two. Presented here is the growth of one of the songs from our latest album in the form of a sound collage of demos. All three demos are presented here:

Demo 1 presents the original idea performed only moments after inspiration came. This recording exists only to preserve the original idea, before it disappears forever.

Demo 2 in the reel presents the first set of verse lyrics as written while on the road. They were sung into a recorder only because pen and paper writing is dangerous when driving.

Demo 3 is the first completed demo of the song. The demo was recorded at home. The “advertisement” you hear at the end was added because the demo of the song was given to a lucky listener as part of a dial-a-song style e-mail song promotion during its creation.

…and finally here is the completed song together with it’s video!

Thanks for listening.
The Rosedale Highs

Jason is on Gorilla Orange Chair

Gorilla Orange ChairThe Rosedale Highs’ Jason Trevino sat down with Jeremy Aulden of Gorilla Orange Chair for an interview and to play a couple songs. You can check it out here.